2024 Researchers -Energy Conversion Research Center

●Doshisha University Main Researchers    Faculty of Engineering

  Main Researchers
INABA Minoru (Professor/Director)
TEL: 0774-65-6591
FAX: 0774-65-6815
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●Development of next-generation fuel cell having high efficiency
SENDA Jiro (Professor)
TEL&FAX: 0774-65-6405 
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●Sustainable green energy system design with holonic energy pass
INAOKA Kyoji (Professor)
TEL: 0774-65-6463 FAX: 0774-65-6802
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●System development of high efficiency engine exhaust heat recovery and thermoelectric exchange
GOTO Takuya (Professor)
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SHIRAKAWA Yoshiyuki (Professor)
TEL: 0774-65-6596 FAX: 0774-65-6842 
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TEL&FAX 0774-65-6266
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HIRATA Katsuya (Professor)
TEL:0774-65-6461 FAX:  0774-65-6830
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●Development of bio-ethanol reformer with high efficiency for hydrogen production
FUJIWARA Koji (Professor)
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●Development of functionality assessment of magnetic material and application technology for electric equipments
TAKAOKA Masanori  (Professor)
TEL: 0774-65-6504  FAX:  0774-65-6774
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●Coherent Structure and Statistical Law of Turbulence
MORIMITSU Masatsugu (Professor)
TEL&FAX: 0774-65-7765
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●Development of hydrogen-air rechargenable battery with high capacity
MATSUMURA Eriko (Professor)
0774-65-6466  0774-65-6466
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DOITakayuki (Professor)
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●Development of highly concentrated electrolyte solutions
 for secondary batteries
TAKENAKA Sakae (Professor)
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●Development of catalysts active for conversion of methane
TEL: 0774-65-6407 
FAX: 0774-65-6830
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●Development of efficient and functional turbines for low speed flow
Shunpei Hara  
TEL: 0774-65-6832
FAX: 0774-65-6802
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●Development of a control method of heat transfer and flow for
 high-efficiency turbine design

●Doshisha University Researchers    Organization For Research Initiatives and Development

 2024 Commission Researcher & Visiting professor

●Visiting Professor

XI, Guannan (Nantong Institute of Technology, Professo)r
NIU, Xiao-Dong (Shantou University, Professor)
NEKSA, Petter (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Professor)
KIZILKAN, Onder (Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Professor)
OGAWA, Hideyuki ( Hokkaido University, Professor emeritus)


●Commission Researcher

YAMAGUCHI Hiroshi (Doshisha University, Professor emeritus)
YAMASAKI, Haruhiko (Osaka Metropolitan University, Assistant Professor)

YOU, Yuzu (Doshisha University)
Kin, Minei (Doshisha University)
KONO, Yuya (Doshisha University)
NAKANISHI, Mai (Doshisha University)
OKA, Yuki (Doshisha University)
SHINTANI, Kanta (Doshisha University)
KONDO, Yuki (Doshisha University)
MANABE, Jun (Doshisha University)
YAMADA, Kohei (Doshisha University)
KIYOHARA, Yuki (Doshisha University)
KURODA, Kojin (Doshisha University)
SHIMOYAMA, Kodai (Doshisha University)
KAMIZONO, Takaya (Doshisha University)
SATO, Hide (Doshisha University)