11 January, 2020 updated

The fact is in:

Geoffrey M. Hodgson, and Harry Rothman (1999)

The Editors and Authors of Economics Journals: a Case of Institutional Oligopoly?

Economic Journal 109, 165-186.


This paper examines data on the institutional backgrounds of editors and authors of the top 30 economics journals, identified by their 1995 citation impact. It is revealed, for example, that 70.8% of the journal editors were located in the United States, and twelve U.S. universities accounted for the location of more than 38.9%. Concerning journal article authors, 65.7% were located in U.S. institutions and twelve U.S. universities accounted for 21.8%. Arguably, the degree of institutional and geographical concentration of editors and authors may be unhealthy for innovative research in economics.