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Welcome to the home page of Doshisha Mine Laboratory. You can downlad academic theses written by the lab members in the PDF format.


2018 September Graduation / 2018年9月修了

Abdalrahman M. I. MIGDAD, "The Contribution of the Islamic Economic Theory and Institutions to Human Economic Security: The Case of the Islamic Redistributive Institution 'Zakat' in Malaysia" (Ph.D. Dissertation: Full Text)
(アブダルラフマン・ミグダド「人間の経済安全保障に対するイスラームの経済理論と制度の貢献 ― マレーシアにおけるイスラーム再分配制度『ザカート』の事例研究」)

Wonder Terence MAGOSO, "RDP Housing Projects in the Context of Empowerment: The Case of Emaflethini Community, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa" (MA Thesis: Full Text)

2018 March Graduation / 2018年3月修了

(Mayuko HAGARI, "The Role of 'Informal Support Actors' in Accepting Urban Refugees: A Study of Syrian Refugees and Their Relationships with the Host Community in Amman")

2017 September Graduation / 2017年9月修了

Vick Lukwago SSALI,"Ethnicity and Federalism in Uganda: Grassroots Perceptions" (Ph.D. Dissertation: Full Text)

Katleho MATSOSO, "Beyond Dependency: An Optimal Policy Framework for Renewable and Nuclear Energy Development in South Africa" (MA Thesis: Full Text)

2017 March Graduation / 2017年3月修了

(SATO Yutaro,"Norm Fusion: Self-Determination and Non-Racialism by Seretse Khama")

2016 September Graduation / 2016年9月修了

(INUI Toshie, "Reflections on Popular Consciousness of Water Supply in Rwandan Villages: The Relevance of Social Capital")

Parviz Ahmad VALIZADAH,"Determinant Factors of Firm Performances in the Development of Traditional Industrial Clusters in Herat City, Afghanistan: The Application of M.E. Porter's Diamond Model from the Social Capital Perspective" (Ph.D. Dissertation: Full Text)
(パルビス アフマド・ヴァリザダー「アフガニスタン・ヘラート市の伝統的産業クラスター開発における企業パフォーマンスの決定要因−ソーシャル・キャピタル論の視点によるM.E.ポーターのダイヤモンド・モデルの応用』

2015 March Graduation / 2015年3月修了

(SUZUKI Kaho, "Social Security in Africa: Moving toward Universal Health Coverage")

2014 September Graduation / 2014年9月修了

(OGAWA Shingo, "A Study of an Aid Approach to Vulnerable People: Case Study of the Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda")

Ruslan TATIKOV, "Regional Economic Integration of Central Asia: Problems and Prospects for the Kyrgyz Republic" (MA Thesis: Full Text)

2014 March Graduation / 2014年3月修了

(HASHIMOTO Masayuki, "Regarding the 'Pain of Others' over Africa: From the Perspective of Against Interpretation")

(SUN Feifei, "China's ODA and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: In Reference to the Experience of Japan's ODA")

2013 March Graduation / 2013年3月修了

(INUI Toshie, "The Present Status of the Twa Minority in Rwanda: A Post-Genocide Policy Challenge")

(SAITO Yuka, "Music to Spin the Dreams of the Youth: Musicking in Modern South Africa")