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14th workshop was held on Sep. 29, 2022


From the Director

In recent years, number of consumers have experienced troubles in transactions using digital technologies such as software, games, videos, music, social networking services (SNS), and cloud services (hereinafter referred to as "digital transactions"). In light of this situation, the purpose of the establishment of the Center is to explore the ideal legal framework that takes into account the development of digital industry while at the same time protecting the interests of consumers by conducting comparative studies in cooperation with researchers of Japanese law, EU law and American law. 



Noriko KAWAWA    (Director: Professor, Doshisha University, Faculty of Law)
Keita BABA       (Deputy Director: Professor, Kansai University)
Seiichiro UEDA   (Professor, Doshisha University, Faculty of Law)
Manako KINOSHITA  (Professor, Doshisha University, Faculty of Law)
Itaru FUKAYA     (Professor, Doshisha Law School)
Arinobu ONAKA    (Professor, Doshisha Law School)
Tsuneo MATSUMOTO (Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University)
Norikazu ASHINO  (Professor, Senshu University)
Shuya HAYASHI    (Professor, Nagoya University)
Takeshi OGATA    (Professor, Gakushuin  University)
Keiko NAGAIWA    (Associate Professor, Aichi Gakuin University)
Takayuki FURUTANI(Associate Professor, Kyoto Sangyo University)
Keiko KANEKO     (Secretariat:Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Economic Collaboration) 



14th Research Workshop, (Sep. 29, 2022)

under construction


13th Research Workshop, (Aug. 28, 2022)

under construction


12th Research Workshop, (July 31, 2022)

under construction


11th Research Workshop, (June 19, 2022)

under construction


10th Research Workshop, (Mar. 24, 2022)

under construction


9th Research Workshop, (Feb. 2, 2022)

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