Mariko Sugahara

菅原 真理子・すがはら まりこ

Ph.D. in Linguistics

Associate Professor at Doshisha University











Contact address


Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University

Imadegawa-Karasuma, Kamigyo, Kyoto

602-8580, Japan


602-8580 京都市上京区今出川烏丸

同志社大学 文学部英文学科


m s u g a h a r @ m a i l . d o s h i s h a . a c . j p







<Undergraduate Courses 学部科目>

BA Thesis 卒業論文

Senior Seminar シニアゼミ

Junior Seminar ジュニアゼミ

Introductory Seminar 基礎演習

English Phonetics and Phonology 英語音声学音韻論

Study Abroad Workshop 留学ワークショップ

Listening ACALL/リスニング)


<Graduate Courses 大学院科目>

Advanced Lectures in English Linguistics I 英語学特講I







Academic works


PhD Dissertation:

Sugahara, M. (2003a). Downtrends and Post-FOCUS Intonation in Tokyo Japanese (Downloadable in PDF). Submitted to University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in February, 2003.


Textbooks (in Japanese):

Sugahara, M. (ed.) (2014). Phonology: Asakura Linguistic Textbook Series on English-Japanese Comparisons 3.『朝倉日英対照言語学シリーズ3:音韻論』Tokyo: Asakura Publications. (You may purchase this textbook here.)


Tatsuki, M. & M. Sugahara. (2015). Chapter 7 Phonology.「第7 音韻論」In M. Tatsuki (ed.). Eigogaku Perspective.『英語学パースペクティブ』(pp. 116-142). Tokyo: Nan-Un-Do. (Downloadable sample)


Works on English Prosody:

Sugahara, M. (2016b). Is the Perception of English Stress by Japanese Listeners Influenced by the Distribution of Accent in their L1? In the Case of Truncated Word Stimuli (Downloadable in PDF). Doshisha Studies in English. 97, 59-118.


Sugahara, M. (2016a). Is Japanese listeners' perception of English stress influenced by the antepenultimate accent in Japanese? Comparison with English and Korean listeners (Downloadable in PDF). Doshisha Studies in English. 96, 61-111.


Sugahara, M. (2012). Phonetic evidence for prosodic word prominence in American English (Downloadable in PDF). In Borowsky, Kawahara, Shinya & Sugahara (eds.) Prosody Matters: Essays in Honor of Lisa Selkirk. London: Equinox.


Sugahara, M. (2011). Identification of English primary stress and bias toward strong word-initial syllables: native vs. Japanese listeners (Downloadable in PDF). Proceedings of ICPhS XVII. Hong Kong.


Sugahara, M. & A. Turk. (2009). Durational correlates of English sublexical constituent structure (Downloadable in PDF from the Journal’s web site). Phonology. Vol. 26. pp. 477-524.


Sugahara, M. (2008). 「アメリカ英語のDactylic(強弱弱)連鎖の最終音節におけるフラップ化阻止―OCPに基づく考察」『同志社大学英語英文学研究』8182合併号, pp. 87-114.


Sugahara, M. (2007). Secondary Stress Vowels in American English: The Target Undershoot of F1 and F2 Formant Values (Downloadable in PDF). In Trouvain & Barry (eds.) Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Vol. 1, pp. 633-636.


Sugahara, M. & A. Turk. (2004). Phonetic Reflexes of Morphological Boundaries at a Normal Speech Rate

(Downloadable in PDF). In Bell & Marlien (eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Speech Prosody. pp. 353-358.


Works on Japanese Prosody:

Sugahara, M. (2005). Post-FOCUS Prosodic Boundaries in Tokyo Japanese: Asymmetric Behavior of an F0 Cue and Domain-Final Lengthening (Downloadable in PDF from the Journal’s web site). Studia Linguistica. Vol. 59, No. 2, pp. 144-173.


Sugahara, M. (2003b). The Tone-Bound Declination Slope: Evidence from Japanese (downloadable in PDF). In Solé, Recasense & Romero (eds.) Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. pp. 2613-2617.


Selkirk, E., T. Shinya & M. Sugahara. (2003). Degree of Initial Lowering in Japanese as a Reflex of Prosodic Structure Organization (Downloadable in PDF). In Solé, Recasense & Romero (eds.) Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. pp. 491-494.


Sugahara, M. (2002). Conditions of Post-Focus Dephrasing in Tokyo Japanese (Downloadable in PDF). In Bell & Marlien (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Speech Prosody. pp. 655-658.


Other articles:

Turk, A., S. Nakai & M. Sugahara. (2006). Acoustic Segment Durations in Prosodic Research: A Practical Guide. In Sudhoff, et al. (eds.) Methods in Empirical Prosody Research. pp. 1-27. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.


Book reviews:

Sugahara, M. (2013). Review of Kunter (2011): Compound Stress in English: The Phonetics and Phonology of Prosodic Prominence. Studies in English Literature 54, 167-173.


Sugahara, M. (2007). Review of Gussenhoven (2004): The Phonology of Tone and Intonation.『英文学研究』84, pp. 315-322.






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