The International Workshop of Energy Conversion (IWEC2019) is organized by Jiangsu University, China and Energy Conversion Research Center, Doshisha University, Japan. For promoting and exchanging the knowledge of the energy conversion, the seven workshops (following up a series of meeting that first, third, fourth and sixth held in Doshisha University in Japan, and second in Beijing University, fifth in Shantou University , seventh in Natong University in China) are held so far. This time is the eighth and the conference on August, 2019 will be held in Jiangsu University, China.


The situation of world energy has become critical and new issues are arising in the sector of energy conversion. Many of these issues are strictly related to efficient use or conversion of energies, and the possibility to solve these problems strongly depends on the new developments of science and engineering. Those problems are often rising in new areas of research, such as energy transport caused by flow of mass or electromagnetism and chemical reaction, where new techniques, numerical methods and solution methods need to be developed. The aims of the 8th IWEC are to bring together researchers, scientists, practitioners from academia, research institutions and industries in Japan, China and the world to Jiangsu University to exchange experiences, disseminate up-to-date information, and explore new opportunities in energy conversion. The topics on the 8th IWEC could cover various aspects of theories, analyses, technologies and applications of energy conversion in experimental, theoretical and engineering science.

The conference language will be English.
(1) Energy Storage and Transportation of Renewable Energies
(2) Optimizing Energy System based on Hydrogen
(3) High Efficiency Energy Conversion Systems
(4) Proposal of Minimized Emission Energy Grid based on Holonic Path
(5) General: Energy Conversion and Related Research Topics

Organized by

- Energy Conversion Research Center, Doshisha University, Japan


School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University
Director: Professor Yin Bifeng
School of Energy and Power Engineering, Jiangsu University
Director: Professor Wang Junfeng