Mariko Sugahara

菅原 真理子・すがはら まりこ

Ph.D. in Linguistics

Associate Professor at Doshisha University











Contact address


Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University

Imadegawa-Karasuma, Kamigyo, Kyoto

602-8580, Japan


602-8580 京都市上京区今出川烏丸

同志社大学 文学部英文学科


m s u g a h a r @ m a i l . d o s h i s h a . a c . j p







<Undergraduate Courses 学部科目>

BA Thesis 卒業論文

Senior Seminar シニアゼミ

Junior Seminar ジュニアゼミ

Introductory Seminar 基礎演習

English Phonetics and Phonology 英語音声学音韻論

Study Abroad Workshop 留学ワークショップ

Listening ACALL/リスニング)


<Graduate Courses 大学院科目>

Advanced Lectures in English Linguistics I 英語学特講I







Academic works


PhD Dissertation:

Sugahara, M. (2003a). Downtrends and Post-FOCUS Intonation in Tokyo Japanese (Downloadable in PDF). Submitted to University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in February, 2003.


Textbooks (in Japanese):

Sugahara, M. (ed.) (2014). Phonology: Asakura Linguistic Textbook Series on English-Japanese Comparisons 3.『朝倉日英対照言語学シリーズ3:音韻論』Tokyo: Asakura Publications. (You may purchase this textbook here.)


Tatsuki, M. & M. Sugahara. (2015). Chapter 7 Phonology.「第7 音韻論」In M. Tatsuki (ed.). Eigogaku Perspective.『英語学パースペクティブ』(pp. 116-142). Tokyo: Nan-Un-Do. (Downloadable sample)


Works on English Prosody:

Sugahara, M. (2016). Is Japanese listeners' perception of English stress influenced by the antepenultimate accent in Japanese? Comparison with English and Korean listeners (Downloadable in PDF). Doshisha Studies in English. 96, 61-111.


Sugahara, M. (2012). Phonetic evidence for prosodic word prominence in American English (Downloadable in PDF). In Borowsky, Kawahara, Shinya & Sugahara (eds.) Prosody Matters: Essays in Honor of Lisa Selkirk. London: Equinox.


Sugahara, M. (2011). Identification of English primary stress and bias toward strong word-initial syllables: native vs. Japanese listeners (Downloadable in PDF). Proceedings of ICPhS XVII. Hong Kong.


Sugahara, M. & A. Turk. (2009). Durational correlates of English sublexical constituent structure (Downloadable in PDF from the Journal’s web site). Phonology. Vol. 26. pp. 477-524.


Sugahara, M. (2008). 「アメリカ英語のDactylic(強弱弱)連鎖の最終音節におけるフラップ化阻止OCPに基づく考察」『同志社大学英語英文学研究』8182合併号, pp. 87-114.


Sugahara, M. (2007). Secondary Stress Vowels in American English: The Target Undershoot of F1 and F2 Formant Values (Downloadable in PDF). In Trouvain & Barry (eds.) Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Vol. 1, pp. 633-636.


Sugahara, M. & A. Turk. (2004). Phonetic Reflexes of Morphological Boundaries at a Normal Speech Rate

(Downloadable in PDF). In Bell & Marlien (eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Speech Prosody. pp. 353-358.


Works on Japanese Prosody:

Sugahara, M. (2005). Post-FOCUS Prosodic Boundaries in Tokyo Japanese: Asymmetric Behavior of an F0 Cue and Domain-Final Lengthening (Downloadable in PDF from the Journal’s web site). Studia Linguistica. Vol. 59, No. 2, pp. 144-173.


Sugahara, M. (2003b). The Tone-Bound Declination Slope: Evidence from Japanese (downloadable in PDF). In Solé, Recasense & Romero (eds.) Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. pp. 2613-2617.


Selkirk, E., T. Shinya & M. Sugahara. (2003). Degree of Initial Lowering in Japanese as a Reflex of Prosodic Structure Organization (Downloadable in PDF). In Solé, Recasense & Romero (eds.) Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. pp. 491-494.


Sugahara, M. (2002). Conditions of Post-Focus Dephrasing in Tokyo Japanese (Downloadable in PDF). In Bell & Marlien (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Speech Prosody. pp. 655-658.


Other articles:

Turk, A., S. Nakai & M. Sugahara. (2006). Acoustic Segment Durations in Prosodic Research: A Practical Guide. In Sudhoff, et al. (eds.) Methods in Empirical Prosody Research. pp. 1-27. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.


Book reviews:

Sugahara, M. (2013). Review of Kunter (2011): Compound Stress in English: The Phonetics and Phonology of Prosodic Prominence. Studies in English Literature 54, 167-173.


Sugahara, M. (2007). Review of Gussenhoven (2004): The Phonology of Tone and Intonation.『英文学研究』84, pp. 315-322.






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