In this laboratory, we perform basic researches on intelligent and functional fluids whose characteristics are affected by surrounding conditions as magnetic field, electric field or temperature. We also perform researches to apply characteristics of these fluids on engineering.
We focus on the special fluids such as
EMagnetic fluids which response to the magnetic field.
EER fluid (Electrical-Rheological fluid) which changes its viscosity according to the electric field.
EViscoelastic fluid which has both viscosity and elasticity.
ENewtonian fluids such as water or glycerin.
 These researches on special fluids are conducted not only by using fluid dynamics but also electromagnetism, rheology and chemistry. Therefore, these researches are very interesting but there still are lots of areas need more detailed research. By conducting detailed researches, we are trying to apply these special fluids on multiphase flow or heat transfer for new engineering applications. We are also studying about energy problems. We are conducting a research on effective usage of solar energy system by using supercritical CO
2 as medium.



Complex fluid meeting

6/29`6/30@Compex Fluid seminor was opened at Doshisha

International exchange with NTNU student

Lots of NTNU students and professors visited to Doshisha University

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